Accounting for creatives



There is a school of thought that creatives don’t run good businesses because they don’t understand money. This short seminar will cover the basics of managing your finances so you can get on with what you’re best at. From choosing the right business structure to managing your cash and financial processes.


Learn hints and tips to get the money stuff right so you can concentrate on your creativity. Delivered by Huddersfield-based Crowther Accountants.

Who should attend? Those who currently run a creative business and would like a refresher on the basics or anyone who is planning to start a creative business but has no idea where to start.

Please note: Booking seminars and workshops at #WRConf is free through our Eventbrite link. However you must have purchased a conference ticket to gain entry. We expect the seminars to be busy so if there’s no wristband, there’s no entry.